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Junkmail Filtering & Virus Protection

Simple and Effective Email Protection!
Prevents Junkmail From Reaching Your Computer

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STI is happy to provide junk email filtering and virus protection as part of our commitment to bringing you the best Internet service available. STI Junk Email Filtering helps prevent spam and infected messages from ever reaching your computer... and it's FREE!

Our message protection service allows you to forget about complicated levels of protection. You decide how the filter treats junk email, and leave the rest to us. Best of all, there is no hardware or software to install in order to be automatically protected from unwanted email and virus-laden messages.

You Are In Control
Although STI has pre-set some choices, you refine the settings. You decide whether unwanted messages should be marked to advise you of the danger, or quarantined, or deleted without your even having to know they ever existed. And the filter is extremely accurate -- up to 98% accurate.

You will have your own private, password-protected, web-based Personal Dashboard for customizing filtering options, and approving or blocking specific senders or entire domains. Your Personal Dashboard is accessible by your account alone and it is both private and secure. It requires no additional software for you to install.

Never a Lost Email (unless you say so)
Suspicious emails will be quarantined in your Email Center. On a regular basis, you will receive an email detailing the quarantined messages - you choose the frequency: monthly, weekly, or daily. If you prefer, suspicious messages can be allowed through exactly as they arrived. Or you can have the filter add a label to the subject. Or you can even have the email blocked (deleted, annihilated, destroyed) instead of quarantined.

And Did We Mention It's Free?
You are protected around the clock just by being an STI subscriber. STI Junk Email Filtering requires no investment in new software or hardware, and updates are handled automatically.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click HERE.

Virus Protection
The Easy Way to Prevent Email Viruses From Destroying Your Computer

Each computer infected by an email virus can cost you thousands of dollars in down time, repairs, and lost data. Help protect your computer 24/7 from email-based viruses. STI Junk Email Filtering stops viruses BEFORE they reach your computer, preventing costly damage

STI Junk Email Filtering adds a layer of protection to the existing virus protection on your computer. If you do not already have virus protection software installed on your computer, STI strongly recommends that you purchase and install one immediately. Unlike conventional virus protection software, STI Junk Email Filtering does not require you to install or update any software on your computer. STI Junk Email Filtering compliments your already existing virus protection software.

STI Junk Email Filtering is the easy way to add email-based virus protection to your computer. Incoming messages are scanned before they reach your computer . If a virus is detected, it is quarantined away from your computer in your private, web-based Personal Dashboard. You can log in to your Personal Dashboard and review the email without risk of infecting your computer.

Incoming messages are monitored in real time. Clean messages pass on to your computer with no detectable delivery latency. STI Junk Email Filtering is updated without your needing to do anything, so your computer can be protected before you know there is a new threat.

The Virus Protection Assistant Will Provide:

  • Protection for your computer, 24/7, with the most up-to-the-minute anti-virus technology.
  • A quarantine zone for viruses before they hit your computer, preventing thousands of dollars in damage.
  • The ability to preview quarantined messages without the risk of infecting your computer.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click HERE.